Charming Puppies Went Above And Beyond

Puppy Name: Lucy

"Charming Puppies Went Above And Beyond"

February 21, 2023

I wanted to thank Leroy and his family (Charming Puppies) for the amazing experience we had with them. We felt like we got to know them all through the process of getting our Lucy and we don’t even live in the same state! We wanted to surprise our girls with a puppy for Christmas this past year and we knew it was going to be a challenge. Finding the right puppy, the right breeder, and the right time frame was a huge ask and Leroy went above and beyond to make that happen for our family. We purchased Lucy and Leroy and his family kept her for us until just before Christmas so we could surprise our girls on Christmas morning. He sent me pictures and videos of her whenever I asked throughout the time he kept her for us. I was nervous buying her sight unseen, especially with all the scams out there, but we are one of the lucky ones having found Leroy and his family.

Now on to Lucy. We paid to have her hand-delivered to us by Leroy’s driver Kathy, who was also amazing! Lucy was in perfect shape. Healthy, spunky, and HAPPY. Leroy’s kids do a fantastic job socializing their puppies. She is THE best puppy and the perfect puppy for our family. She is so sweet, gentle, and “puppy crazy”. She’s over-the-top friendly and will do anything to give kisses to every person that walks into our house. She is spunky and sooooo smart. We can’t thank Leroy and his family enough!!

~Ken, Amy, Allison, And Alaina