Great experience with Charming Puppies

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"Great experience with Charming Puppies"

February 20, 2023

I had a great experience using Charming Puppies. Leroy called me instead of texting which made a big difference in getting to know each other and learning about the process and the puppies. It was a friendly and welcoming experience from the start. The puppy he suggested and we settled on has been a delight. Leroy had said he has a great personality even if the so-called runt of the litter. So we went with it and he was right. Our guy is super smart very calm and a joy to be around. He was born knowing to Sit and do circus tricks like standing on his hind legs! His hair is pretty straight for a Cav so he seems to have gotten more genes from the Cavalier side. But he is super cute and I have to be stopped by people every time we take a walk, as they awe at him! At the vet, he was given a clean bill of health and his bodily checkup was perfect. He is healthy and happy. I definitely recommend using Charming Puppies.