A Sincere Thank You!

Puppy Name: Cooper

"A Sincere Thank You!"

February 21, 2023

I’m writing you to give you a sincere thank you for doing such a great job bringing Cooper into this world and helping him be the sweet puppy he is! As you know, I was nervous to get a puppy knowing that I have a child with special needs and I knew that the dog would have to be calm and smart and a source of support for him. I even called you to make sure that we had picked the right pup for us, and you assured us that you felt we had made a great choice and he would fit well into our home. Cooper is now 4 months old and we still have a way to go with his potty training. I’d say he’s about 75% there. But, more than anything, I wanted to thank you for helping us choose a puppy with the right temperament for our family. Cooper already is so smart and has learned SO much. He knows how to sit, stay, lay down, drop it/leave it, on and off, jump, and we are working on heel and shake. He understands how to ring the bell when we go outside. He’s loving and there has been more than one occasion when he’s been a source of calm for our son when he’s in the midst of a meltdown. Today we finished our first basic training classes and will be moving on to basic 2. Then I plan on sending him to classes to be a therapy dog. One of my biggest sources of validation and pride is that today our dog trainer (who is an elite trainer working with service dogs and search and rescue dogs) complimented YOU our breeder! She said that often breeders will just try to sell a dog without thinking of the family involved and it’s happened so many times that a breeder has placed a pup with the wrong family for them. She often times is a skeptic and doesn’t trust many breeders but she said today that it was very clear that you placed a dog with us who was smart, quick to learn, calm, and happy and was probably the exact right fit for our home. At 4 months she can already tell that he has so much potential as an emotional support or service dog. It made me feel so grateful to have found you and our baby Cooper! He’s healthy and strong and loving and eager to please. Not to mention, he’s adorable! I would happily recommend you to anyone as you answered all my many questions, kept me apprised of his growth, and picked a puppy that would seamlessly fit into our home. We can’t thank you enough!

~The Mussler family