We just couldn’t ask for a better companion!

Puppy Name: Lucy

"We just couldn’t ask for a better companion!"

February 20, 2023

Check out this recent picture of Lucy from the 6/20/22 litter. We loved her name and kept it the same. She is the most wonderful dog! Everywhere we take her people fall in love with her. She goes to Sam’s Club with us, she goes Walmart with us, she goes just about anywhere they will allow us to bring her in. She loves people and other dogs but the true love of her life is our neighbor children! And of course, they adore her. When we take her to have her groomed the groomers always tell us that she is the best-behaved dog they have ever groomed.  She loves taking a shower and going for walks. The rain and snow does not bother her in the least. Having to travel from Ohio to Tennessee we worried about how she would do in the car. This girl was born to travel. We take her camping and on vacations and just anywhere we go. We just couldn’t ask for a better companion.

~Alvin and Donna Potts