We are blessed with Maui!

Puppy Name: Maui

"We are blessed with Maui!"

February 20, 2023

My name is Maui and I am a Cavachon. I was adopted from Ohio September 21,2022   I have been residing in Boston for five months and met most of the dogs in my building. I am sweet, very friendly, curious and love to sleep in the sunshine on my favorite chair. People tell me I am adorable and cute. My name comes from the Island of Maui which translates to, “One who moves with the sun.”

Leroy helped my daughter pick out Maui.  They bonded very quickly and are inseparable.   He advised her every step of the way always answering her questions and guiding her on his health and what she should be feeding him. We are blessed with Maui and so thankful to Leroy .  He is a breeder who stays in contact with you to make sure your adoption is successful. He cares deeply that both the dog and owner are a good match.

~Geri and Lani McEachern