We couldn’t have found a better breeder!

Puppy Name: Molly

"We couldn’t have found a better breeder!"

February 20, 2023

We took Molly for her vet appt and they said she was very healthy. We’ve taken her for a couple of walks and she loves them.  She likes all of the smells and sounds outside. She is so affectionate and fun!  She has been eating and drinking well. She has also been sleeping very well through the night in her crate with her mom’s cloth that you sent and the stuffed puppy with a heat pack and heartbeat inside of it. She has had a few accidents in the house, which is to be expected at this age,  but she is going pee & poo outside a lot too so that Nutrivite really does seem to help to encourage her. We were just saying how glad we are to have found her through you. You provided such a caring, easy and enjoyable experience including coordinating the quality transportation right to our house. We love her to pieces already! We couldn’t have found a better breeder! Thank you!!