Thanks for a loving addition to our family!

Puppy Name: Beau the Cavachon

"Thanks for a loving addition to our family!"

August 8, 2023

Just a note to say that “Rusty” / Beau is doing wonderfully! He is a happy-go-lucky pup, who has bonded well with our family and Addy, our mini Aussie. He listens well when we take him outside to “do his business”. Still working on inside. He loves going for walks and just spent the weekend camping with us. Vet says he appears to have perfect health! He has won many of our neighbor’s They like his loving personality and his colors and markings. He is learning to let me trim his paws etc. and try’s not to squirm…too much…lol. Thanks for a loving addition to our family. My husband and brother, who we care for, are quite happy with him, as am I and our other dog and grandkids!

~Lynn J.