Puppy Name: Oliver (aka Snoopy)


June 1, 2023

I had my heart set on getting a Cavachon puppy and had just about given up hope of finding a breeder that I felt I could trust. I decided to make one last search and that is when I found Mr. Miller’s website and knew in my heart it was the right choice. Mr. Miller clearly takes good care of the puppies, is honest and charges a fair price. I took my puppy to his first vet visit and the vet said he is perfect and that the breeder did a good job. She did, however, say “unfortunately, I’ll have to confiscate him.” Who could blame her. She did reluctantly return him to me. I could not be happier with how smooth everything went and would highly recommend Charming Puppies to anyone interested in getting a Cavachon.

~Cathy Baird