I Can Not Thank You Enough For My Puppy!

Puppy Name: Tulip

"I Can Not Thank You Enough For My Puppy!"

February 21, 2023

I can not thank you enough for my puppy girl, Tulip!
I have never had a pet in my life – And I saw Tulip’s photo and fell in love! She is now almost 17 weeks and is adjusting to life in New York City and also Long Island (Beach town) so very well. She absolutely loves everyone she encounters and is so excited about meeting new doggie friends. We start puppy kindergarten next week! And are so excited. She has such great energy that we continue to meet strangers around town that recognize us- as Tulip hops down the street with such energy and excitement on our walks. She literally hops on her hind legs if I am not running fast enough I have to say that I am so very grateful that she is so strong and healthy, and so in love with life. I am so grateful to you and your family, especially your young son who played so kindly and gently with her when she was only a few weeks of age. He must have-have secretly put some extra love into her step and her heart! What a treasure she is! I can’t thank you all enough! I got the best puppy ever!! My very best wishes to you all!

~Fiona M. Dumas