Charming Puppies made our first puppy experience a delight

Puppy Name: Banks

"Charming Puppies made our first puppy experience a delight"

January 31, 2024

I’m not sure what Leroy puts into the puppychow, but Banks came into our home and took right over – took my side of the bed, my socks, and he thinks we share shoes. He also stole our hearts. This little guy is an amazingly smart and funny little clown who entertains us to no end. By his third day here, he had learned “sit” and in just over a month he has learned the basic commands. Our boy came to us well-socialized and neuro-sensitized. He loves people and has the natural curiosity of a puppy who came from a home where it is clear he was cared for and nurtured, not a puppy-mill. That is also evidenced by the texts we get from Leroy checking on his progress. We would highly recommend Charming Puppies to anyone who wants a loving, sweet, smart dog. If you want to keep your heart or your socks, or if your neighbors don’t want your dog sitting on the front lawn watching their every move … oh, heck, get a cat.

~Patricia and Larry